Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Audacity of Love

Love is a season, With all reason,
Changeable  and  rearrange  able.

Lost in a abyss of mystery,
cause war in history.

Predetermined illusions,
create madness and confusion.

Chills warm the blood.
Tears cause a tsunami flood.

 Piercing pain, am I insane?
A Ferris wheel of emotion,
false devotion.

Unconditional until compromised,
the fallen meets their demise.

Adrenaline pumping desire,
discovering the players a liar.

The heart skips a beat,
when the victim surrender in defeat.

Dig a moat around the tower,
dress in armor to fight the power.

Fall victim to the spirit,
a broken heart is what you’ll inherit.

Love’s sweet song
I keep singing along.

Tear out my soul,
With words that console.

Feed the fantasy,
With the audacity,

Of loves’ mastery..

Amreen Khan
Roll No:19

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