Thursday, February 23, 2012

The creativity

Creativity is a part of our every day lives . Childhood is a magical time where creativity has no boundaries and children have astonishing capacities to view the world with endless possibilities. When children are young they are not afraid to being wrong or making mistakes . They do not fuss over what others think of them; rather they live an authentic life with their own unique style . As Pablo Picasso rightly said – every child is an artist . As children grow into adults they begin to look outward for approval in order to fit in . Their minds become rigid trying to conform to current trends . They fear making mistakes because they are told that being wrong is something undesirable . Encourage children to have their own ideas instead of borrowing ideas from others . These can be based on their own imagination their memory their experience their observation . Give you children constructive feedback and appreciate for any originality in their work .
One must help their children to learn how to formulate good questions themselves . Do not give children answers to their questions let them find their own solutions . Inspire children to think of unconventional ways . making creativity a part of life not only enriches your life and your childrens but also makes it more exciting . When children make mistakes them to analyze and discuss these mistakes , mistakes often lead to good ideas. Do not hurry the process of creativity . They need time to explore and do their best work. Do not always place a reward for being creative . This add extra pressure and becomes a barrier . Don’t make judgements or compare your children on the basis of their creativity and imagination . Creativity and innovation leads to greater things in the world and is vital for individual development and the world at large .

BY – Royston Raposo ( roll – 31 )

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