Thursday, February 23, 2012



This is a short story by Rabindranath Tagore, it is a story about an immigrant from Afghanistan to India named Abdul Rehman Khan who was a street hawker and use to sell things like almonds, grapes etc. He too had a family back home in Afghanistan a wife and a daughter he was working hard for his family to have a good life back there. Whenever he went down the streets there was a particular house where lived a family just like his a husband, wife and a daughter just like his named Mini a little girl almost the same age. Every time he looked at that little girl he thought of his daughter who lived very far away from him and he always longed to meet them. He always gave the little girl something that he use to sell and she liked him too as he use to listen to the little girls talks patiently. But unfortunately a day came where he lost him temper and happen to stab someone because the opposite person started to fight and abuse him and so he was sent to prison for ten whole years. Then when he finally got out of prison he went back to see Mini thinking that she would be the same little girl but he saw that Mini was not that little girl any more she was all dressed to get married looking at Mini this way tears rolled down his eyes as he thought that even his daughter must be of this age to get married off. All he wanted to do was meet Mini and bless her but Mini’s mother Rama did not find it appropriate as he was a murderer but on the other hand her Father did not think the same way he allowed the kabuliwala to meet Mini and also gave him a bank note so that he could go back to Afghanistan and meet his family as he believed that he would also bless Mini with a clean and pure heart for the start of her new life.

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