Thursday, February 23, 2012


'BLESSING' is a poem by 'IMTIAZ DHARKER' which focusses on the largest slum in Asia-Dharavi, on the outskirts of Bombay. Bombay as known by all is a 'CITY OF DREAMS'.In Dharavi people from all over the country live. The poet through this poem tries to convey the message that, water is a rare resource and we all must realise it.
Blessing is a four stanza poem with some inconsistent usuage of end rhyme. The poet, in the first stanza, focusses on how the bursting of a pipe can bring about joy among the inhibitants of dharavi. He has potrayed how important and holy water is to them. Imtiaz through this poem wants to make people aware about the importance of water and spreads a social message that wasting it does lead to severe issues.
The Poet has smartly played with 'pun' and has used many words like 'congregation'.This word has two meanings like group of people, and a group of people in a church or being given religious instruction.Basically Dharker wants to make the reader understand the social problem of scarce water and give away a strong message of saving,conversing and preserving it. According to him Water is a 'BLESSING' and we must realize the importance of it.

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