Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Distance

“Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them”, these were the words of the great Irish writer, ‘Oscar Wilde’. Well this is a mostly relevant aspect to all children towards their parents. There are quite a lot exceptions but this is the ugly truth that prevails in the society.  I’m not saying that this is the same in each and every house, but this is the ‘Circle of life’ as we know it. When we were small, parents were everything to us; we loved them more than anything in the whole wide world, but as we grow up, the love and affection kind off begin to fade. A feeling of deviation sort of comes in, we as children cling to other materialistic things like toys, then later on we cling on to friends and thus get away from our parents.
When we are small we cling to our parents we fear that without them we  can go nowhere they are our world we hold on fast to their fingers and our parents to whom we are the apple of their eye have immense pride in that bond. I remember distinctively, I could never say the sentence `LET IT BE’ instead I used to utter `LEP IT BE’.  How many a times, my dear parents could have happily corrected me without a single wrinkle on their foreheads but now when my parents pronounce a word wrong I yell on the top of the house to correct them.
There were times when I used to come home, run straight to my mom and tell her about the day I passed and the things I did. I would share almost everything with my mom and spend time talking to her. But nowadays it’s like, I barely tell her anything about me, I barely sit and talk to her. I busy with my own stuffs and duties, give more time to the computer and the idiot box than to my parents. My free time is mostly divided in this manner: - Friends -30%, Music -20%, Television- 13%, Computer- 14%, Guitar-16%, Parents- 7%. Isn’t that bad? It’s like I’m giving the useless T.V more time than my parents. There are many things I want to change in my relationships with my parents, like my relationship with my father. My father is kind of and advisor. And he keeps advising me on different things. I mostly get irritated by his continuous talking and tell him to be quiet. My dad does feel bad, as I can see it in his eyes. A feeling of guilt flows through my veins when I do this, as I know that whatever he says, he says it for my own good.
Now each day I wake up, I wake up with an intention to be the reason of the smile on my parents face, with an intention of making them proud to be my parents, with an intention to make them love me more than before, with an intention to reduce the distance between me and them.

ROLL NO. 007

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