Thursday, February 23, 2012


When my Mother went on strike!!!
“Get up,” screams the voice I’ve known since birth, at sharp 6 a.m. every morning. This voice belongs to a truly dynamic and multi-dimensional figure. She wakes up at 4:30 every morning and works like a clock. Absolutely no upsets have ever taken place in her schedule according to reliable sources and the records .She fixes our breakfast, school lunch, house lunch and irons the clothes herself. And home life after school is more or less the same. She comes home after work and does the dirty dishes, manages to find a flaw with my homework. But of course, I never really noticed or minded all this till the day she indirectly and formally announced her strike to the three of us. That fateful day, we had coolly been playing carom while she’d been screaming her head off for the last half an hour at the ‘thing’ the cat had done in the middle of the floor.
I was reminded of a string of other atrocities I’d committed in the passage of time, a few days back, over which my poor mum almost boiled over like milk that had done the same when she had gone to investigate the strange noises coming in from the basement, only to discover that a group of my cronies had been planning a late night birthday bash to celebrate my best friend’s 18th birthday. But anyway, after the cat fiasco, a few hours later, the telephone rang and after a two-minute conversation, my mother set out of the house with a grim look on her face, only to return home after about 3 hours with a brilliant, but tired smile smeared all over her face .I got suspicious at once. My sister couldn’t make head or tail of what the message portrayed by my sudden change in emotion was, but I helped her understand it later on. We were told that Grandma back in Kolkata was seriously sick and wished that my mother be there to burse her instead of the fat, fussy nurse. And so, my mum was to go to Kolkata along with my Dad. “I’ll return in a week” was what she’d told us .But I knew what that meant. It meant that for a whole week, I would have to wash all the dishes myself, do the beds, cooking, etc.
It was not less then a challenge for me. In my mother’s absence, i decided to show off my cooking skills to my sister and started making tea. I put the water to boil, also put on the T.V at the same time, and of course, the water boiled and boiled away to nothingness. Things became worse as days passed by , i had tons of home-works, submissions, tests. I actually started REALIZING my mother’s importance. Finally the D-DAY came and mom made her grand entry into the house looking fresher and more radiant. I salute her for being such a task master, after all if not for her world would be different place indeed. So maa, this one was for you, i know somewhere down the line i am not the best daughter but ya your the best mum i could get.

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