Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My unforgettable childhood memory

My unforgettable childhood memory

Childhood is present in every adult. The immaturity, the innocence, the naivety, the thirst for approval, is craved in everyone around you. Memories of childhood can be represented in many ways: a blanket, stuffed animal, rattle, song, or maybe even a movie. We can cling to these things for support in times of need, or just to recall fond memories of a simpler, and in most cases happier time. As our lives change around us, and we change to adapt to our lives we recall these items. We return to them for comfort, or we pass them to others who need them. These images can help us deal with something unbearable; they can be our “ship in the storm”.

Memories can help us remember loved ones, or they can remind us of the good in someone who has hurt us. One particular object from our childhood stays in our minds; representing something we yearn for, needed at one point, or recall for fond memories of a happier time

We all have different fond memories of our childhood and this is one innocent child’s story who is so innocent that she almost turns the whole world upside down with her innocence. And thinking about my past I recalled this most amazing thing that happened to me that made my family love me so much more for I didn’t know what was actually happening around.

My family was so big that we didn’t need people around to celebrate. We lived together in a joint family and everyday was a party for us. My father was a fond lover of drinks and so we used to literally enjoy all our days with parties, drinks and dance. It was a usual party that was happening at the bungalow where I was busy doing my naughty stuff like playing around and having fun. We were so many kids that we all had new things to learn, do and play. It was awesome fun. And suddenly I ran to the table where all the drinks were placed. And as per me I know that those were and are still the best drinks till date. I took a big bottle and dropped it on the floor. The noise made all so scared that all the adults ran to see what happened. All were scared as to see if I was hurt. But I was all cool fascinating on what marvels I did. Dad came in and asked me “What happened?” and this made me actually think what should I reply. I dropped another bottle and said “happened this”. God the way all laughed at me at my broken English and angel like innocence.

I can never forget this incident because it makes me feel what a great kid I was. Seriously it makes people love me all the more. Not only this my other famous childhood line if I did not understand anything was “ Mumma what means?” because all I could do was ask mu mom what was actually happening as when I was growing I was cute, innocent, loved and the last of all innocently dumb that made me such a wonderful kid now.

Evita Mendonca

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  1. Evi, what this?
    Awesome post!

  2. aeeeeeeeeeeeeee! m shoooooo happy! this means my baby momoriezzzz :p glad u liked it :)

  3. memories*
    It was cute when you were a kid.
    Now its just creepy! :P