Thursday, February 23, 2012


I run across a million towns ,
Each bestowing on me various crowns!
So lonely, so sad i roll along. !
faintly behind i hear the women's song.
I see so much;seldom comprehend,
as i move along, every cross and bend .
At times so calm ,at times so rough,,
At times so shallow, at times a trough .
I flow along ,a lot i have learn't
every human bears a burn .
a reality which is painfully true,
just like me, with a dark secret he grew .
I watch as he sits along my contour ,
similar to me a future unsure .
His pain ,and sorrow in to me his eyes drop .
As if he was used as a little prop .
To him no sympathy i can give
Just drifting along thats how i live
My weeping you can hear
on a silent cold night,
The morning i start with no future insight ,
This is a one of my little secrets, a burden i hold .
tired, hopeless, wiery, and unhappy yet i flow
along, so fearless, and bold!!!!!!!.....


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