Friday, February 24, 2012

Wren: Thoughtful, Intentional Tweeting and Nothing Else

6 years ago, we had never heard of anything like Twitter, but today Twitter is something millions of people can't live without. Not just that people use Twitter to tweet news and stuff they like, but its also used by millions of business all over the world to keep in touch with their customers and as powerful marketing tool. Twitter, no doubt is the best social networking tool out there. But a lot has changed over since Twitter initially launched. Now we have so many advance features like “tweet,” “retweet,” “follow,” and of course “hashtags”. Twitter used to be a lot more simpler before. If you are a person who tweets a lot, its obvious that you use some Twitter client. But to be honest, all those Twitter clients today are so much complicated and feature heavy, if you are looking out for something simple and easy to use Twitter client, then Wren App is something you may want.

The App itself

Wren is the most simple app you can ever use. The developers who made Wren, took off all the basic features of Twitter like the main Timeline - the place where you see the latest tweets of all the people you follow, the retweet button that helps you tweet someone else tweet and of course you cannot check out any other profiles and stuff, since there is no timeline. Wren's basic idea is to just focus on one thing - that is TWEETING.

The User Interface is really interesting. Wren just exists of a small window with three main components. The Tweet space, the Draft space and finally, Your latest tweet space. The tweet space is where you can write your tweet and publish it. Also a useful feature of Wren is that it automatically shortens any link you post. To the right of the Tweet area is the Draft space, where you can view your saved tweets that are yet to be published. You can easily write a new tweet in the Tweet space and simply click on the Save for later button to save your tweet. Then whenever you are ready to publish that Tweet you can do so from there. And finally below all that is a little space where you can read the last Tweet that you published and also see when you had published it.

Thats all! There is nothing more in this app. Wren will keep you focused on your Tweet only. It removes the timeline so that you don't get distracted by reading what others have posted. Wren is all about what you want to write and not what other have written. Wren's interface is one of the most minimalistic UI's I have ever come across.

A Little Egocentric?

Ok, I can hear you. You’re saying that this app seems little egocentric! After all, it’s just about tweeting what you have to say, not caring about what others say back. What happened to conversation? Isn’t that what Twitter’s so famous for?
Well, I’d like to kindly say, “I think you’re looking at this all wrong”. No where did I, or the creators of Wren for that matter, say that this should be your one-and-only Twitter client or that this is “the best way” to use Twitter. It’s not. It’s inherently lopsided, but that’s also the point.

Wren is a utility. It’s meant for select scenarios and certain circumstances. The workflow that I’ve been using is this: when I sit down at my computer with the goal of working, I quit Twitter for Mac or any other client and launch Wren. Then, if I feel the need to tweet, I can, in quiet and peace. Once I’m done “working” I relaunch Twitter for Mac/other client, and see what I missed.

Wren really does allow to have the best of both worlds.

Now just go and buy it!

Wren is the best tweet focused Twitter client available for the Mac. Just for a measly Rs. 250 Wren can be yours. So just visit the Mac App Store and grab a copy of Wren and start tweeting!

Rating: 10/10
Wren is a timeline-less Twitter client with one job: letting you tweet.

- Rahul Sharma
Roll No. 34

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