Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Secret Place...

Thumbprint of the moon, as my seniors called it or secret place as I named it, this place became important for many of us back at home. It has been one of those places where I sulked alone in apathy, sat down and pondered over things or had a nice time with my friends while enjoying the breeze and the nature around me.

I never once thought before introducing someone to this place. No one ever got disappointed. The place shaped us and made us the people we are today be it good or bad, does not really matter.

It was a perfect escape from reality, time stood still at this very place when you were there. The feeling you get when leaving this place is somewhat similar to the feeling when you ask for the cheque, exit the bar and you're like SHIT, BACK TO THE REAL WORLD. You see every one busy with their lives, you see so many people around you that you don't know and don't really give care about.

The occasional cop investigation and questioning is always a buzzkill,"What are you doing here?" "Do your parents know you're here?" "You are not allowed here, there have been murders here!" but what can they do? We do live in a free country.

I still remember cycling randomly, 5 years ago when this very place caught my eye. A simple glance of the place made me feel as if the dark side of the force came knocking on my door with a very tempting offer and I took it. I do not regret it.

The place might look beautiful and all but it does have a dark side. It is pretty and dark actually. It lets your thoughts flow. The place makes you think, about what you want what you don’t. What you can do with and what you can’t do without. What is the problem at hand and what is the solution, it gives you a whole new perspective of looking at things. It relieves you of all your materialistic thoughts. It saves you from your pretentious lives.

I might sound ambivalent here right now but this is what is the actual beauty of the place. The mixed emotions. This place is a perfect battle field for the two sides of the force.

Namit Chaudhary
Roll no. 4

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