Wednesday, February 22, 2012



8th of March was International Women's Day.Several felicitations were elf for women all over the world on this day.Women were given their rightful place in society.A few decades ago,women were looked down upon,not allowed to come to the forefront,not educated but kept within the walls of a home.The scene today has changed,as society has now realized,that when you educate a woman,you educate the nation

Women now are aware of their rights and duties.They are no longer shy but have come out of their shell, so to say.Today we have women holding top positions,for example Kiran Bedi: India's first lady Police Officer; Sulekha Yadav: India's only lady local Train Driver;Lt.P.Deve: India's first woman Navy Officer.They have made their mark in a world dominated by men.There is hardly any job that a woman cannot pursue.Any number of women across the world,have shown us that they are excellent psychologists,economists,accountants,journalists,teachers,newspaper editors,physician,lawyers,engineers,astronauts,scientists,pilots,politicians,entrepreneurs…the list is endless.We should accept the fact that women are,however,more prone to fatigue.But they certainly will not give up easily.

Women have it in them to become successful managers.We do have the world acknowledged leaders like Mother Teresa,Indira Gandhi,Golda Meir,Margaret Thatcher,Queen Victoria.They are among those who stand out as role models.But there are many more,who are insignificant,the mothers and homemakers.While society may attempt to rule out any natural management and leadership skills in women,nature has blessed women with many of the traits associated with successful managers.

A woman's running of a household includes budgeting,planning,organizing,contracting,supervising,training and time management.Women are naturally good with people,sensitive to the needs of others,they possess good communication skills,which are so very necessary for good leadership.I would like to end here,with a word of gratitude to my mother,who is also a working woman and who does possess all the qualities of a good homemaker.I also wish to thank all the mothers who instill good qualities in their children,the future citizens of this country.It is therefore,very rightly said by Kiran Bedi,"Literacy is most important and we must strive towards that.No woman should be illiterate by the end of the decade."

Name - Trishi.Dua

Roll no- 10

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