Thursday, February 23, 2012



A Haunted House.

It is a short story written by Virginia Woolf. There are two couples living inside the house, one is the ghost couple and the other is living couple. On reading the story, very less clarification is mentioned and difficult to understand it. You will finish with no idea of what just happened.
There was live couple who now lived in the house and they were watched by the dead ones. The couple-ghosts think that the present living occupants of their former house have already found the buried treasure that they are looking for. The ghosts are still searching for their treasure and they are wondering whether it is in the garden. Realizing that the treasure was not found by the house’s present occupants, the ghosts are relieved that it is safe, and such treasure is really theirs. Finally, the ghosts know that the treasure is really safe, and theirs, and such treasure is not tangible things, but intangible, found in the light in the heart.
I was taken aback by her influential use of the paranormal and how she explored each and every attribute of the story with her unique way of writing. The ghosts and title are ironic because people associate haunting with evil or bad things. I thought this was going to be some kind of scary short story. However, it is a calm and peaceful one that sends a message of cherishing life.

Name : Janhavi Ghodekar.
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