Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Human life is a paradox.It is composed of happy and tragic elements.There are times when life seems to be dressed in sparkling joy, while there are moments when it seems to be clad in melancholic garments.The concept of happiness is not of the same tenure everywhere,Sometimes the most minute bit of happiness gropes one's mind,while otherwise,the greets spell of happiness fails to uplift one's heart.But,the most happiest span of human life is his childhood.True,very true,the precious days of my childhood still remains unwashed and flittering in my memories.The love and affection I received from others as a child are unforgettable.It is impossible to forget myself as a mischievous monkey.The concessions I received from my grandparents as a child,are still fresh in my memories.I was forgiven for all the naughty acts I did,considering the face that I was only a child.

I remember my excitement when i rode my first tricycle.I was too self-centered to even allow others to touch it.I was too possessive about my private properties.Although I was such a messy person,I was always liked and loved by others.My character was admired for the truth that I was only a child.The best part of my childhood was my innocence.My granny would always say, "A child is the most precious gift of God.Childhood is the most beautiful duration of life." My grandma would advise,"Happiness is the root of all success." She would tell me interesting fairy tales which I always wanted to listen and never failed to believe.Indeed I spent the happiest days of my life in the happiest manner with the happiest spirit.It has left an everlasting impression on my mind.IT will always remain pleasant and evergreen in my memory.Nobody can deny the fact that there is no substitute for the joys of childhood.

The recollections of my childhood truly reduces my sorrows and worries to a great extent and brings back the same excitement and enthusiasm of my childhood.Once again,life becomes interesting,enjoyable and worth living.

All credit goes to the evergreen memories of my childhood!!

Name- Steffi.Munis

Roll No-25

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