Thursday, February 23, 2012

My son the Fantaic

The story is about the conflict between a father and his son. Parvez is a Pakistani immigrant who is living with his wife and his son in London. He earns his money as a Taxi-Driver. He is integrated into the way of live of the west civilisation. He drinks alcohol eat pork and doesn't pray. His son is grown up (or grews up?) in England. He makes a training program for accounting. His father has been working hard to finance this education and pays all the thing which the bay need. For instance, the books and good suits.
But the father is worried about his son. The story beginns that the father search in the room of his son for clues. His son changed. Together with his friend Bettina, an prostitud, who he rescued before a violent client they suspicion that the boy is on drugs. His room getting more and more empty. But later it turns out that the son is an very religious. He's praying five times per day and even gives his things for charity. But he condemns his father's way of live. At first the father is prepared to praying together with his son. But later the father loose in an argument his self-control and hit his son.
At last the son says, who is the fanatic now. We understand under the word fanatic a radical person, which is prepared to kill und to die for his religious belief. But the son only prays and even give his things for charity. At last of the story the father become violent.
BY - Royston Raposo ( Roll - 31 )

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