Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We all were very tensed a few months ago when we had our terminal exams. This shows that exams make a studious or dull student tense. Student ,in general, are extremely afraid of exams. We have a sigh of relief when this dreaded ordeal is over. All of us would be happy if exams would never exist in school or college life. The reason for his dislike for examinations is not far to seek.

The whole career of a student depends on what he is able to write during the short course of an examination session. If he sudden take ill or is unlucky to get a tough question paper, he fails and his future is ruined. His examiners have no knowledge of his otherwise all-round performance during his year of study. This way , examinations kill a student’s genuine interest in studies. Inspite of these drawbacks, examinations are a necessary evil. Till now no one has been able to devise an alternative method of testing students on such a vast scale. So we have to retain our present examination system till educationists find other means to test the students.

If there were no examinations, it is likely that majority of the students would not bother to study. Bright and sincere students would get lost among lazy masses. We would never be able to separate the brilliant students from the weaker ones. Then we would not be able to select people for higher professional training. Soon we would experience a scarcity of responsible and talented men needed for higher positions. India will soon be pushed back in the dark ages where there will be no literacy.

We have to ward off this sad possibility and find out ways to replace the present system of examination. The sooner we succeed in doing so, the better it would be for education.

Name-Ryan D’souza

Roll no-9

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