Thursday, February 23, 2012

Memoirs Of Geisha.

There's a reason why this book has been added to BBC's Top 100 must read list.And after you finish this book, you know why. It starts off with the story of Chiyo, the fisherman's daughter from Yoroido and how she goes on to become a renowned Geisha, the best of her time. The way the character has been potrayed is very convincing. Tackling the hardships, she unravels the mysteries of life. She falls in love, gets teared up between friendship and her dreams. The transformation from Chiyo to Sayuri is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. At parts, you can't help but feel bad for the main character losing her childhood. With nobody to turn to and nothing to hope for, she carries on with her tasks of being the best(Geisha) in Japan. The tasks are everything but easy and while you read it, only you can imagine it. As, it has been stated, serving tea is also an art which must be expertised. The funny character of the book would be Pumpkin, but as it goes on you come to know of her dark side but then again she'll have your sympathy. Hatsumomo is one suck wicked character, whom you curse till the book ends. Mameha, is one such strong lady who keeps on gaining respect throughout the book but of course she has her reasons for helping Sayuri, which are quite evident from the beginning of her part. It's more than a tale actually, it's like a beautiful painting which leaves you spellbound and you just know that this is one story that's gonna remain with you forever. Arthur Golden has weaved a remamrkable masterpiece in paper. It teaches us that life is not a bed of roses even for the pretty and beautiful people. You can relate so much to the main character, Sayuri, her pain, her dreams, her love, her longings. The last pages of the book makes you smile and leaves you with so much hope in your own self.

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