Thursday, February 23, 2012


The main characters of this story are a girl named Mini and Rehmat the Kabuliwala. Kabuliwala is from Afghanistan; he sells things from door to door. Once she was introduced to Mini, who was five years old.The girl was very talkative.Mini and Kabuliwala developed a very good friendship. Kabuliwala used to bring dry fruits for Mini as present and showed the patience of listening to Mini. Rehmat like spending time with her as she was or her daughters age, who he left behind in Afghanistan They used to tease each other about "going to in-laws house".

Since he is short of money he decides to sell his goods on credit for increasing his business. Later, when he goes to collect on his money, 1 of his customers abuses him and in the fight that ensues Rehmat warns that he will not tolerate abuse and stabs the guy when he does not stop the abuse. He is arrested and taken to be presented in fornt of court. The judge decides his punishment to be imprisonment for some years. After coming from jail he wanted to meet Mini. But, at that time Mini's marriage ceremony was going on. In the past few years she has forgotten her old friend Kabuliwala.She felt hesitant to talk to him and felt awkward and shy. Looking at her behaviour Rehmat thought that as Mini has forgotten her time with Kabuliwala, his own daughter in Afganistan may have forgotten him as well.

Rabinderanath Tagore focuses on the emotions between 2 people. In this case Mini and Rehmat. Rehmat sees Mini like his own daughter. Even though he is so far away from her he still remembers her and misses her. Another emotion shown is Pride. Rehman is proud of what he is. He doesn't like it when others take advantage on him. In the story 1 customer refuses to accept that he had bought a rampuri shawl. A fight ensued between Rehman and the customer as the customer was abusing Rehman. This hurt his feelings and in a fit of rage he hurts the customer for which he is sent to jail. Even though he is in court he tells the truth and is sentenced to some years imprisonment. Even thought his freedom is at stake, he still decides to tell the truth. It is a very touching story about human emotions and feelings.

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