Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Mentor

"There is no gathering of rose without being pricked with thorns". That's exactly what my encounter with my Mentor is all about. His teaching skills are rose personified but his discipline is like pricking of thorns. We often complain that 'Roses have thorns' but my Mentor has taught me to be optimistic that 'Thorns have roses".
Ironically, this is not what I perceived about him at the start of my voyage. According, to me initially he was like a storm which wouldn’t be calm. I felt like a subject in Hitler’s regime but you can’t judge a book by its cover. My prejudice proved me wrong. He was one of the best thing that any student could want. His dealings were excellent. He is sincere in his teaching and is very hard working. Laziness flees away when we see him that’s his persona. He makes a simple living but his thinking is great. He influences our young minds with his fatherly care and does not encourage us to pass our time carelessly in idle chat or in idle thought; rather he encourages us to be perseverant. I enjoy his teachings because he makes his classes very interesting by citing examples from day to day happenings and from books outside our courses. He stimulates us to make our activities greater. One of the best qualities about Mentor is to do what he believes is best for the students. This was evident when he juxtaposed the higher authorities for us students to participate at inter-college competitions. My
He is the true potter who moulds a broken piece of clay into a beautiful pot. He has made sure that every student who are mere stones are polished into sparkling diamonds. My Mentor is focused about his vision for the students where he wishes each student reaches the horizon of success. He has left no stone unturned to ensure that the students truly make their own growing no matter how tall the world seems. He is not someone to lean on but a great personality that makes leaning unnecessary. For me HE IS AN ORDINARY MAN WITH EXTRA ORDINARY THINKING!!!

-Claudette Netto
Roll No - 28

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