Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We were walking along a pathway in a forest on a sunny morning,when suddenly someone roared, "Stop!" We stopped dead in our tracks. We looked arround but could see no one. When we looked up we were horrified to see an iron hook having two points and the next moment we found ourselves suddenly floating in the air! The hooks hauled us to a place where many branches of trees intesected and formed a platform. A strange old man with a grim look on his face was surveying us with satisfaction. Looking at his nurmerous gadgets, we assumed him to be a scientist. He led us into a wierd box telling us that it was a time machine. Looking at the nurmerous electrical circuits, we could hardly believe that we had come across a gadget which the world thinks is a fantasy.
We pressed one of the red and blue buttons and everything spun out of focus. We landed on a clering in a forest. We saw beautiful palace to which the only entrance was a passage. The palace guards were asleep,so we mde our way into the palace. We opened a door which was slightly ajar. Suddenly a blinding light could be seen and we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of gold coins! We figured that it could be the royal treasury. We hastily pocketed as many gold coins that would fit into our pockets,but suddenly stopped as we saw the palace guards approaching. We expected them to catch us roughy and throw us in prison, but instead, on seeing us, with a horrified look on their faces,they ran away. We found our way into the king's court which was a perfect pandemonium. As we approached,everyone fell silent. Then came a mighty booming voiceof King Akbar himself. "Oh Aliens, we dont know from which planet you hall. But surrender yourself or you will be clapped in prison!" We thought that maybe, looking at our attire (jeans and shirts) he must have assumed us to be aliens. Gthering up courage, one of us spoke,"We are from your future,oh respected King!""Then can you tell me when i will die?" asked Akbar. Being poor at history we had forgotton the date long ago. But luckily,as one of us had the history text book in our pockets, we told him the date. "So soon?" he thundered."I want to live longer! Push them down from the top of the Qutub Minar!" We were panic striken. The guards caught us roughly by the scruff of our necks and led us on top of Qutub Minar. As we were taken to the top, I put my hand into my pocket to remove one of the tiny gadgets i had pocketed on the tree. It was a mini parachute!
We were overjoyed. Just as we were pushed, we firmly caught hold of the parachute and floated safely to the ground where the time machine lay. We hastily pressed the red button to go back to our present. As we landed on the platform on the tree,the scientist was nowhere to be seen. I exclaimed, "It's good to be back home,isn't it?" After reaching back home,we showed mother the gold coins from the King's treasury. She was astounded. "Where on earth did you get these?" she asked. We winked at one another. After all, ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL.

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