Thursday, February 23, 2012

Matter of Fate

Matter of Fate

The King of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, was a prosperous & just King. His subjects had loved him for the love & care that he had shown towards them. Every person in the kingdom knew that their King is a wise being & tragedies of life are but a cakewalk for him to be solved. Thus, no one doubted the King's wisdom until one day, when the King's cousin asked to see him.

A guard came smirking towards the King. Amused, the King looked behing him, only to see an old, fragile figure. He could have been titled as the King of Beggars or Beggar among Beggars. The King asked for his introduction. The following conversation followed:

King: Who are you?
Beggar: Your cousin?
King: What do you seek of me?
Beggar:Some help.

King: What do you need my help?

Beggar: Oh King! My palace is turning to ruins. My 32 servants who served me food & drinks have left me. The 2 torches lighting my path have begun to dim. I was born with 2 legs but I am forced to live with 3 now. My blanket has withered away & I feel cold. 2 of my most trusted servants are now irregular with their work. Hence, I have come to seek your help.

The King smiled to himself & sent the beggar away with enough riches to last him till he stays alive.

The courtiers were surprised by the King's action & were keen to know & understand the entire conversation between the King & his 'cousin'.

The King began:
"He introduced himself as my cousin & in a way, he is my cousin. By his ruining palace, he meant his old & fragile body, which would soon give way to life. By his 32 servants, he meant his teeth, which had gradually fallen & he couldn't eat or anything with satisfaction. By the 2 torches, he meant his eyes, which obviously are not bright enough at his age to make him see properly. When he said about 3 legs, he meant his 2 legs & his walking stick as the 3rd leg, because he needs support to walk by himself. By his blanket, he meant his hair, which are nothing but lost now. And when he mentioned his 2 faithful servants, he meant his shaking hands, which cannot work properly now & hence, he cannot earn.

Life has given us a destiny, a different destiny for each person. But as the old man had not lost his wisdom, I decided to grant him his help, because ultimately, destiny is nothing but a matter of fate".

We all come to know of the King's wisdom & the shrewd wisdom of the beggar. Though different in stature, both were cousins & yet different because of their fates.

Posted by: Darshana Kyadari.

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  1. Darshana, Have I given you guys an assignment to WRITE your own story or something? I don't think so. Save these for Creative Writing next sem and stick to the assignments given.