Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be it FACE BOOK, GOOGLE , YAHOO , HOTMAIL ,REDIFF MAIL….ect, you would be considered a jerk among your friend if you don’t have an account on these social networking sites… and it is true, with the fastest ever growing world and technologies coming up, you need to catch the pace.
But we need to understand the importance the internet is serving us with, without Google even a 8th std project is impossible. Information and data regarding each and everything is available on internet because of which the hard work required before in early times has been reduced.
FACEBOOK,a prodigious site is the heart and soul of youngsters, now a new term is invented as “FACEBOOK ADDICT”, because they are friends, family, their beloved buddies are online and can chat , share photos , videos and many more things coming up, they so called “connected” 24x7. Many lost and unconnected friends come into contact.
But many problems arise like someone hijacking your account and doing crappie things, report of abuse etc are seen.
I think we should be mature enough to know the difference between using them and not abusing it.

Name : Janhavi Ghodekar.
Roll no: 14

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