Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Telephone Conversation

Written by African poet Wole Soyinka the poems theme is based around racism and his experience with finding a place to rent in England. In the poem he calls the landlady asking about the apartment for rent. He is very straight forward and mentions it to the land lady that he is black and he would not want a wasted trip.

On learning this the land lady replies saying "How Black?" He tells her that his face is brunette, his hand a feet are peroxide blonde and his bottom is raven black. The poet creates an image of the land lady in his mind thinking of her as a lipstick coated, long coated, long gold rolled cigarette holder pipe. He thinks of her as one of the rich people who think of themselves as superior to others just because they are rich and white and color. He even thinks of her as being arrogant about her being white.

During the conversation the poet gets angry and starts to mentions the red bus and the red telephone booth he sees around him. All of this shows his frustration and anger towards the land lady for being racist.

The poem deals with a very important major issue and the situation is still very relevant not only in England but throughout the world.

Namit Chaudhary
Roll no. 04

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