Wednesday, February 22, 2012


'IF you sit with your beloved one,even for an hour,you feel that just a moment has passed,but if you sit on a hot stove even for a second,you feel that an hour has passed',said Sir Albert Einstein, the great scientist, while explaining his theory of Relativity. This of course, means that moments of joy and happiness pass by very fast and moments of adversities seem to move at a a slow pace.Similarly,school days passed by quickly.I remember quite vividly,the first day of my school when I was weeping ,pulling my mother's dress and not allowing her to go leaving me in the school.And how my teacher with her great love and affection and kind words took me inside the classroom.She made us laugh and learn with rare understanding,Soon ,we developed a lot of attachment for our second home-SCHOOL.
I laugh, now when I recollect those days of my Sr.K.G., first and second standards when we were not serious about our studies and did not mind going around the whole class,announcing how badly we had fared in a test.And our joy knew no bounds when the teacher would give us the remark,'Very good.' Then, we used to flaunt it.We used to go home and show it to all the family members and all the guests who would visit us.A great disappointment would grip us when a teacher scolded us or gave us a whacking with the scale.How dejected we used to be and then come home and tell it to our parents with shame and fear of being scolded again.How innocent we were then! We grew in maturity and innocence gave way to understanding as we entered the third,fourth,fifth,sixth,seventh and eighth standards.We started realizing the importance of studying and scoring good marks.But then too,there always existed the excitement to control the class and the ears always waited to hear a call from the teacher stating,"Viraj, come and mind the class." And how I enjoyed bringing the students who were talking,to the teacher's notice or writing their names on the board.One cannot forget new friends that we made after the SHUFFING in the ninth and tenth standards and the sadness that surrounded us for being separated from our old friends.But the bonds of friendship grew stronger each year.I still remember the pranks my friends and I used to play on the teachers we used to dislike the most.One thing was common in all these years and that was the fear during examinations and the day when the papers were supposed to be shown.The most important days were the 'Open days' when the teachers would give our reports to our parents.These last two years also brought the realization that soon we should be separated from the school and we always tried to avoid the topic.
Now that I am in my degree college doing a professional course of my choice i realize the importance of my school when all of us knew nothing but homeworks,assignments and projects.At the end of the school days,I realize that I"ll be missing the morning prayers service wherein the whole school would be present to learn good values and in the end sing the national anthem with great patriotic fervor.The competitions right from creative writing,one-act plays,dance and songs,etc.gave us respite from our studies.And how can I forget Children's Day celebrations when all our teachers would entertain us with plays and songs.
As my school life comes to an end,all these pictures flash in front of my eyes and fill it with tears as we will soon be missing this fun.The eleven years of school life passed away so quickly that it is hard to believe that after the four-month-long vacation of S.S.C.,I will not be returning to school to see my new class teacher.I always used to be amazed as to why the tenth standard students cry on the farewell day.But now,I realize that i will be doing the same.Today,I really find it difficult to accept that I will be away from my friends and teachers who guided me at every stage of this shout journey in the school.
Now when i think of my school days I see myself as a young boy playing, doing mischief and filled with innocence and immaturity.With a heavy heart I end my article about my experience of my "Alma Mater". It was great penning down my thoughts about my school, i am sure school holds a very special place in your hearts.

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