Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If Tomorrow Comes

There are certain things in life that one can't control. One of them is an urge to face challenges. The more you succeed in outwitting situations & people, the more excited you feel to face more challenges.
One such story is of Tracy Whitney. For a normal girl working in a bank & in love with someone she really looks up to, life makes her experience tragedies which she had never expected in her wildest dreams. Life slowly turns into a nightmare when she hears about her mother's suicide & that the company is leveraged & finally ripped apart. With some hope & trying to talk out the issue with people responsible, she is framed for attempt of murder & theft. Too shattered after she knows that her attorney was a part of the game, Tracy gives up all hope of being released for freedom. A ray of hope helps Tracy regain her physical & mental strength. She escapes prison officially & is now happy to be free, yet unsure about her life.
She foils a con, where she was targeted by her own employer & is now the point of contact for Jeff Stevens, a part of the con & an expert conman. Reluctant at first, Tracy finally is pulled into various jobs of conning people & making huge heaps of money from these jobs.
Outwitting her pursuer, Daniel Cooper, every single time, Tracy & Jeff fall in love & pull out one last job & plan to settle. To her surprise, Tracy is tempted to face one more challenge as the story ends.
If Tomorrow Comes is an excellent fiction book penned by Sidney Sheldon, where the reader is glued to the book so eagerly, that the beginning of each con puts him on a roll & expectant, only to see that an altogether new twist comes through. Totally appealing, enchanting & full of an exciting pace, If Tomorrow Comes is a very apt choice for every reader who is interested in the game & in fiction. Satisfaction in reading is absolutely guaranteed to each Sidney Sheldon lover.

- Darshana Kyadari 
Roll No 21 

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