Thursday, February 23, 2012


My son the fanatic.
"My Son the Fanatic" is a short story by Hanif Kureishi about a teenage boy, Ali and his father, Parvez who are immigrants of Pakistan now living in England.
The story is about the conflict between a father and his son. Parvez is a Pakistani immigrant who is living with his wife and his son in London.
He earns his money as a Taxi-Driver.
Parvez, the father of the teenage boy Ali, begins noticing changes in his son’s behaviour and at first sees this as a good thing. He believes that his son is finally growing out of his teenage attitude and taking more responsibility.
Together with his friend Bettina, an prostitute, who
he rescued before a violent client they suspicion that the boy is on drugs.
He shortly after finds out that Ali has become interested and fascinated by the religion Islam, and that he spends all his time praying or going to the mosque.
Ali speaks very rudely with Bettina on one evening and telling his father that smoking and drinking is anti-Karan. This sets out an argument with the son and he beats the son. The son does not react, but asks a question like now whose becoming the fanatic?
It is actually the who goes to extreme believes of rules of Islam, but father is the fanatic who acts violent beats up the son.

ROLL NO: 26.

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