Friday, February 24, 2012

Money V/S Love


Belonging to the era where money talks, money walks AND MONEY is sweeter than honey; the survival of man is nothing but his bank balance. Man has become monotonous in the race of earning or rather stocking up money. The power of one is judged by his money. The richer you get more respect you earn in return. With money not only comes respect but a sense of pride; that makes you feel superior to other, a feeling of greed; that is to want more and more and the thought of selfishness; that is to always be on top, above everybody without acknowledging anyone’s needs. Money also brings in EGO; Egoism has brought one to this point where it is difficult to distinguish between a man and a machine, a person has more respect for a Mercedes than the man who drops milk at his doorstep without fail. Money can buy man a fine dog but its only the love that can make the dog wag its tail.Marriages have been arranged based on bank account, instead of one’s qualities, feelings and emotions. This scenario has brought man to a lower lever. A level where he wants nothing but his greed, his pride and his lust over his emotions, feelings and most of all his conscious. Man gets so busy with is work that he hardly makes time for his family, friends and other relations, he prefers staying in nuclear families instead of joint families, feelings have been degraded and the art of sharing and caring has vanished.

Imagine life as a game and we have five balls juggling in the air; one ball is for work and other four are health, spirit, friends and relationships, the work ball is made of rubber so once it falls it bounces back in due course of time and the other four are of glass, once fallen cannot be the same they shatter into tiny pieces.

so a LOVE CARE AND UNDERSTANDINGS SHOULD to be given equal OR MORE importance than money because in the battle o f MONEY AND LOVE, love surely has hi gher degree of respect.

Karensa Lobo
Roll No:22

(P.S- Sorry Ma'am for the late post. Karensa sent it to me on time but I forgot about it.)

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