Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Son The Fanatic

Written by Hanif Kureshi the story revolves around Ali and his changed behavior. His father left Pakistan and came to London to escape all of the muslim religious beliefs and to live a normal life. He was a taxi driver. His concern for his son starts when he notices a certain change in his behavior.

He talks to Bethina one of his regular customers about his son and she suggests that he might be on drugs. She asked him to check his room and for red eyes for when he comes back home.

Parvez check for the following and found nothing his room was clean and his eyes were normal. He tried to communicate with his son, trying to talk to about his sudden change of behavior. He even takes him to a nice restaurant.

Parvez orders a drink and Ali starts to make faces. Parvez justifies by saying that there is nothing wrong with a man enjoying a drink.

Ali replies by saying that it is against their religion and that he is just following their religion and he should also. Parvez does not wish to talk about this at that time and lets it go.

While driving Bethina from one place to another Parvez sees Ali outside of a Mosque. Bethina asks Parvez to pick him up also and give him a ride back home. Reluctant at first Parvez picks him up. Bethina is sitting in the front seat and Ali in the back seat.

Bethina tries to talk to Ali but he replies rudely and questions his father that how could he even sit right next a woman such as Bethina. Bethina gets offended and jumps out of the moving car.

Back at home Ali goes back to his room and Parvez starts drinking. He goes up to Ali's room to talk to him. He replies rudely and Parvez gets angry. He hits ali and he falls on the floor and asks Parvez "Who's the fanatic now?"

Namit Chaudhary
Roll no. 04

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